Photography, Knitting, and Handmade Crafts
The Kitsch Niche Class Schedule
WHERE: Classses are always held at Conspire Phoenix on the corner of 5th Street and Garfield.

WHEN: See class schedule below.

HOW: Pre-registration is required so that I can make sure I have enough materials. Please email me to register at least one week prior to the class.

WHO: Anyone of any age is welcome in my classes.

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Upcoming Classes

To Be Announced

Past Classes

January 19, 2008
(Saturday 11am - 2pm)

Knitting 101: The Scarf

January 26, 2008
Saturday 11am - 2pm)
Felting 101: Hard Felting

February 16, 2008
(Saturday 12pm - 3pm)
Felting: Hard and Needle

April 2008
(Saturday 12pm - 3pm)

May 2, 2008
(Saturday 10am - 1pm)

Felting: Hard and Needle